Thursday, March 10, 2011

Decorating with Antiques

When we moved to Michigan we looked at so many houses.  It took us 4 house hunting trips to find the right one.  Each house we looked at had potential and had different characteristics that we liked.  Some were more formal looking while others were more homey feeling.  The house we settled on is definitely in the homey category.  We really love it.  One of the best things is that we bought it from a great family who we are friends with today.  We’ve been here almost 2 years now.  It’s pretty hard to believe!  In that time, we have done many upgrades and changes.  I’ll post pictures of some of them in the near future.  Today however, I want to show you the fun we have had using antiques to decorate with.  This house just lends itself to that feel.  We have found that using antiques has actually been cheaper than buying new decor.  Let me show you a few examples.  DSC03021 The couches are new, but the victrolla and the old radio are antique finds.  They were much cheaper than end tables and add a bit more character to the room.  The victrolla we found on craigslist and the radio was at a yard sale.

DSC03045 This old typewriter is one of my favorite finds.  We have some great antique malls around us that have been a lot of fun to explore.  This beauty adds some charm to our office area and draws the attention of our guests. 


This is our most recent acquisition.  I have been looking for a Hoosier cabinet for a long time now.  They were all out of my price range or in really bad condition.  In June I found this one on craigslist and I fell in love with it!  It was a great price and it cleaned up really nicely.   I use it to store things in and the counter pulls out to about double the size.  It’s been really nice to have the extra space when I’m having a mega baking day or working on a craft project. 

I’ve got a number of other antique projects and decor that I’ll post about in the future.  I’m always on the lookout for fun new things.  How about you?

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  1. You have done an amazing job on your home. It has such a warm comfortable feel about it. Just wish it were about 2 states closer to us. Love you and am very proud of you. MOM