Monday, March 21, 2011

Laundry Sorter

A friend of mine from High School shared a great project she made.  Her name is Sandy Long Moffet and she proves the saying “Necessity is the mother of Invention” 

Sandy said “I was looking for a LARGE sturdy clothing sorter that I could also move around on casters. So I bought a wire shelving unit. I cut out the shelving wires on one shelf leaving just the frame and then sewed myself a bag with dividers and used velcro around the top so that I can wash the bag when needed.  It is so much sturdier and bigger than the ones you buy in the store and it has storage. One thing that I might have done differently that I could still add on now is at the bottom of each corner have tie on or velcro tabs around the posts so that the bag stays perfectly straight and neat.


Isn’t this GREAT!!  I’ve purchased laundry sorters before and have been frustrated with how flimsy they are.  This is an ingenious way to make it yourself and end up with a much better product.  Here are a few more details…

“The wheels or castors came separate but were located right next to the wire shelving units that I bought I think at Home Depot or Lowe's. You can buy any size wire shelving unit that you want. I bought one that with castors the height easily passed through a doorway so that I could take it out of my laundry room for cleaning the floors etc. The one I bought had 5 shelves in it. There are a lot of variations in price depending on the size you want.

Home Depot has all sorts of these wire racks, so does Costco. We just used a hammer to the back side of the rack to release it from the frame.”

THANK YOU Sandy for sharing this great project with us.  I can’t wait to make one myself!

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  1. wow, that is an AWESOME idea!! I totally want something rolling, so I can get it in and out of my tiny SF apartment closet.

    I found this one with 4 shelves (looks like that's what you have?) and it comes with casters. 4-TIer NSF Chrome Rack - 48" x 18" x 72"

  2. I like that one. It has a back to the shelves which would help keep things from falling behind it. My friend Sandy made the one in this post. I'd like to make one myself. Let me know if you choose this one and if you like it!

  3. StorageManiac Laundry Hamper Sorter from Bizarkdeal

    Awesome product! Awesome Value! StorageManiac has crafted an awesome laundry cart. I’ve got a busy household and a ton of laundry to do every week. This 3-bin cart allows me to sort the laundry as we go each day. The heavy duty removable bins I can just dump into the washer and go. Industrial framework and rolling casters allow me to move a large and heavy amount of laundry around with ease. I can roll it from room to room and even roll it out on to the patio to hang laundry on the line. I can sort the clean laundry into the separate bins for everyone to put away as laundry is finished. The bins are very easy to clean and maintain. Assembly is a breeze. I do recommend using a power driver to assemble to save some time as the bolts are very long. Over all this product is a great and has a very nice price tag. Budget friendly all the way!