Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Room Makeover

We have a room in our basement that has served as a storage room… 

Maybe I should say “catch-all” room… 

Okay, the truth is you couldn’t even walk into it without having to climb over things.

We decided to have a good clear out and make it into a Project Room.  This process took a while because we had to go through each and every box and decide what to get rid of and then find a “real” home for the things we decided to keep.  Next, I looked through what we had to see what I could repurpose and use in the Project Room.  I did buy 3 bookshelves and some storage containers.


The small table is for my daughter to paint me some pictures to brighten up the room.


The long table is for my projects.  The plastic drawers hold yarn, batting and unfinished projects.  Please tell me you have some of those yourself!


The shelves hold all the rest of my supplies.  I found some great containers at Walmart that fit perfectly on these shelves and they stack well.  I have fabric, paper crafting supplies, glues, woodsy pieces, scrabble tiles, boards and trays, paint, beads and jewelry supplies, rubber stamps, and lots of little miscellaneous things.  I drilled two holes in my rotary cutting mat and hung it the wall along with the rulers.

Did you spot my newest toy in the second picture?????

I’ve been reading about all the fun projects my friend Kierste over at Brown Paper Packages makes and decided to take the plunge and buy myself a…..


I can’t wait to get it out and start learning how to use it!!  However, it is Spring Break here so I may have to wait until next week when the kids go back to school.  They would feel neglected if I hid away in my new project room and played the rest of the week!

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  1. I love your room! I bet that you love that! Congrats on your new toy!