Monday, March 14, 2011

Scrabble Shamrock

I buy scrabble games from thrift stores whenever I see them.  I use the tiles for a variety of projects, but the boards themselves I have a harder time finding a use for.  I decided to cut one into the shape of a shamrock and make a St. Patrick’s Day decoration.  The collection of scrabble boards I have come in quite a few different colors.  I chose one that had a slightly green tint to it.


On the back of the board, I put blue painters tape and sketched out a shamrock.  I used the tape so that I would get a cleaner cut.  My husband then cut the shape out with the jig saw.  The edges were still a little rough, so I used a file to smooth them up.


The back is not pretty, but I wanted to show you how to stabilize the board so it does not close on you.  At first I tried duct taping it.  This worked okay, but gluing the jumbo popsicle sticks across the back did a much better job.


I bought 6 yards of 1 inch gold ribbon at the craft store.  I threaded a needle with gold thread and made a running stitch through about 4 yards of the ribbon.  Leave a knot at the end, so the thread does not just come out when you start gathering.  When I was finished, I pulled on the thread to gather up the ribbon. 


I used a glue gun to attach the gathered ribbon around the edge of my shamrock shape.  I only worked with about an inch at a time so the glue would not harden too quickly and I had more control over how much gathering I wanted.  I mapped out Saint Patrick’s day words with scrabble tiles onto my board and used the hot glue to attach them.  I cut an 8 inch strip of ribbon and glued it to the the back of the shamrock to form a loop.  The remaining ribbon was used to tie it to the knocker on my front door. 

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  1. You crafty lady! You never cease to amaze me with your incredible ideas. The shamrock looks fantastic and I love the gathered gold ribbon!