Friday, March 11, 2011

The Ultimate Marble Roller Coaster

Today’s project comes from my son Jeffrey and his imagination.  He created the ultimate indoor adventure! He got the idea in his science class and worked for 2 days building it.

The Ultimate Marble Roller Coaster!

He started with pipe insulation that he cut in half lengthwise. Then he started building, revising, testing, revising, testing, revising until he reached the end. He had some help from his siblings and some friends. I now take you on a pictorial tour of the Grand adventure...
We start here on the ceiling at the far end of Jeffrey's room and immediately go into the first loop.

We travel across the room, over the giant bean bag and through the second loop-de-loop!

After traveling down the hall, the marble races down the stairs and into a...

death defying series of turns. I must warn you that not all the marbles were up to this challenge and went flying off the track at this point. Only the best were able to continue on this amazing adventure!

Down the hall and around the bend. The marbles really had to keep their momentum to make it past this turn and escape the watchful eye of our dog.

Another speeding race down the next flight of stairs...

Through another amazing loop and off the end of the track!!!

We are sure Jeffrey is on his way to becoming a celebrated roller coaster engineer after witnessing this truly amazing feat!
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  1. you have no life.........

  2. theres a stain on your shirt....

  3. I enjoy that carpet a lot. Do you recall the name of it?

  4. you go jeffrey..

  5. i think it looks kool im trying to build one to for a school project :)

    1. Yea we are too!!!^^