Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Plates

I love to read and have collected a number of books over the years.  I really don’t mind sharing my books with friends, but I wanted a way to mark my books so that the borrower does not forget who they belong to.  I chose to make book plates to put inside each of my books. 

You can print free bookplates off a number of sites on the internet, but I chose to make my own.  You can also choose to print your book plates on paper and then glue them into your books, or print directly onto labels.  I bought a packet of labels from my local office supply store.  You can decide what size works best for you.

IMG_6768This next step will vary by what word processing program and the version you are using.  I have Microsoft Word.  In my version, I clicked on File, new, and then scrolled down the left side bar to labels.  Next I chose Mailing and Shipping labels, Business labels and then I found the labels that matched the one I purchased.  Here is a screen cap to show you what I mean:

image My label is Avery 8164 and was the first choice on my menu.  Next click download and the template for your label will show up on your document.  Mine came with text in each label which I deleted. 

You can create your label to look however you want.  I took a picture of my bookshelf and used to make it into a photo sketch. HERE is a tutorial on how to do this with your own photo.

I inserted my photo into the first label and used text boxes to add the rest of the text.  I copy and pasted the information into the other labels and ended up with this: image I printed my labels and am in the process of applying them into each of my books.  Here is the finished product.


These would make fun gift ideas and can be created to suit the person you wish to give them to.  I think they would be great for a teacher appreciation gift too!

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