Monday, April 4, 2011

Taming the Computer Cords

I spent some time today cleaning the top of my computer desk off.  It is nice and organized now. IMG_6624 However,when you looked underneath on the floor, here is what you saw…



After some experimenting, I ended up with a solution that does the trick in hiding those ugly cords while still keeping them accessible. 


This is the view of the bottom of the table my computers sit on.  I know it is a little hard to see, but I drilled 4 small holes and then screwed in 4 cup hooks.  I chose to use these for a couple of reasons. 

  1. The part that screws in is only about 1/2 inch long, so I did not accidently go all the way through to the top. 
  2. I can slide my basket right onto the hooks and easily take it down again if I need to get to the surge protector or the cords.


Here is another view from the floor looking up.  The basket hangs nicely on the cup hooks.  I wanted a metal basket with lots of air flow because those boxes on the cords tend to get a bit warm.  I purchased this letter holder from Staples for $4.99


Next I sat my basket on the floor and arranged my surge protector and all the cords.  I used twisty ties and rubber bands to help tame the cords.  I ended up turning the surge protector on it’s side so everything would fit.


Here is a view of it mounted up under the table. 


Much better don’t you think??

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