Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Tree

Over the last few years we have moved further and further from family.  We miss them a lot and I wanted a way for us to remember them.  One Christmas I decided to make family ornaments to hang on a smaller tree.  It became our “Family Tree”.  After Christmas, I still wanted to keep them up so I added them to a “Family and Friends” display I already had in our entry way.  I have the kids school pictures hung above and underneath, I have a metal card holder which we use to display the Christmas cards we receive.  After Christmas, I take the pictures of family and friends from these cards and keep them up.  The family ornaments now hang below this until the next Christmas when they go back on our little tree.  Have I got you completely confused yet?


Each ornament is made from a scrabble tile (of course).  My name is Tanya, so my ornament is on the scrabble letter “T”.  I collected pictures from our family of individual head shots.  We have 7 “J” names in our family.  Did you know that only one “J” comes in each scrabble game?  This project was the one that started me scouring the thrift stores for scrabble games every chance I get.  As with the Mother’s Day presents, I followed these steps to make each ornament:

  1. Drill a small hole in the top of each scrabble tile with the smallest drill bit you can find.  Just drill down enough to get the eye hook started.  If you drill too far, the tile will crack.

  2. Using small pliers, hold the  screw eye hook and carefully screw into the small hole you drilled.  Go slowly, or you might crack the tile. 

  3. Print pictures the size of your scrabble tiles.  I had them all on one piece of cardstock. 

  4. Spray pictures with a sealer and let dry or the ink will run when you do the next step.  I found this at my local craft store.

  5. Cut out pictures and use Mod Podge to attach to the back of the scrabble tiles.  Brush a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the pictures.

  6. Let dry completely.

I used simple ornament hangers to hang them up with.  I started with my family in the middle and then branched out.  My husbands family is off the the left and my family is off to the right.

DSC03572 The beauty of these ornaments is that I can print out updated pictures for everyone and Mod Podge them right over the top of these pictures.  It’s also nice that I can add a new ornament for the “additions” our family has over the years.  I love this eye catching display and what it represents to us.

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  1. Tanya, Wow! Great job, you have some wonderful ideas and they are so creative! I love your blog and love, love, love your wonderful projects!