Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom Dress Makeover

When my daughter was asked to Prom this year, we went searching for a modest dress.  This proved to be a difficult task.  We could not find anything in the stores that would work.  They were also really expensive. $150.00 for a dress I would have to alter was too much. So, we improvised… 

Now I must make a disclaimer that I am NOT a seamstress.  My sewing skills are pretty basic. 

We decided to check out the thrift stores and found a beautiful basic aqua colored dress.  The problem…It was strapless.  It was only $8.00, so I figured even if I completely ruined it by trying to add sleeves, I was not out too much money.  Next I searched the internet for a simple method to add sleeves.  I found what I was looking for HERE.  Straight lines and hand stitching.  It sounded good to me. 

I knew I would not be able to match the color of the dress, so we decided on white for the sleeves.  I found a great polyester satin at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a yard.  I cut out the sleeves and sewed them together.  I did stray from the pattern here.  The satin frayed really badly, so I cut double the width and sewed it together pillow case style with right sides together, flipped it right side out and stitched the ends closed. 

IMG_6415 I gathered and hand stitched one end of the sleeves to the front of the dress.  We strayed from the pattern for the next step too.  I was worried that with my limited sewing skills, I would make sleeves that would keep falling off her shoulder.  I sewed a piece of elastic, under where the sleeve would cover, from the front to the back snug enough that she could move, but provided some support.  Next I tacked the sleeve in the back in just one spot.  I also tacked the bottom layer of the sleeve to the piece of elastic going over her shoulder.  We wanted the back of the dress to be a little higher, so I sewed a small hook and eye fastener up where we wanted it to close.  At this point, the ends of the sleeves hung down a little ways in the back.  We didn’t like the way that looked, so I sewed a loop of elastic into some of the white satin to make a “scrunchy”.  We slid it up on the ends to make it come together.  We made some flowers from the satin to add a little something to the front of the dress.  The dress turned out really nice and only cost us a total of $10.99.  Not to shabby :)

IMG_7076  IMG_7077  IMG_7073

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  1. She looks so beautiful! Great job! I can't believe how grown-up she is now. I guess 3 years will do that to you...

  2. WOW!!! Great job, she looks beautiful, I can't believe she's old enough to go to prom...;)

  3. I can't believe it either. I'm in denial!

  4. Great Job. Much more daring than me. I have told me sister-in-law that will be her job.

  5. You did a great job! She looks very beautiful!!!!

  6. I had an orange dress like that for my Prom! My mom made a jacket that I wore over the top of my dress! Very similar! I love it! She looks gorgeous. :)

  7. Oh my goodness. She looks like Cinderella except prettier!

    Good job Mommy, she is gorgeous.


  8. The dress looks amazing! I love the little flower detail in front - it pulled it all together. Is that the cheapest prom dress ever? I mean, seriously, eight bucks? AWESOME! And Brittany looks stunning and beautiful. I can't believe she's old enough to date!!

  9. Nice work on the beautiful dress and the AMAZING girl!