Friday, June 10, 2011

Overheated Computer

IMG_7438My laptop is getting a bit older and it has started a very annoying habit.  I will be sitting at my desk and working on something and it will shut off all by itself because it is overheated.  Do computer years work like dog years?  7 for every 1 of our years?  Maybe even more like 15 for every 1 of ours?  Whatever the case, I think my computer has entered menopause.  It never used to have a problem with “hot flashes”, but I’ve found a simple and cheap way to deal with it.  One day when it shut off in the middle of a project I was working on, I looked around and saw a rack from a Scrabble game.  I tucked it in under the back of my computer and it worked like a charm.  I now use two racks so they can span the back of my computer.  The racks lift the back of my computer just enough to allow the air flow it needs without making it awkward to type.  Problem solved!

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