Friday, July 1, 2011

The Sheet

I am preparing to go to a week long girls camp as a cabin counselor.  I am looking forward to it with one little exception…BUGS…Spiders most especially.  Normally I am not too big of a wimp when it comes right down to it, but I had an unpleasant altercation with one last year at camp.  A malicious spider bit my leg while I was sleeping.  The week of camp last year was unusually hot.  The cabins we were staying in had windows with screens and we brought fans and ran them 24 hours a day.  Even so, the heat was overwhelming.  So instead of sleeping in my sleeping bag, I just slept under a sheet.  A perfect solution to the heat, but it gave the bugs more access to me.  This not so lovely spider bite proceeded to get bigger and bigger and more and more painful.  The camp nurses were tracking it’s progress with a pen each day.  By the end of the week, they told me to drive straight to the Urgent Care center and get it checked out.  I ended up on a steroid, two different powerful antibiotics, a strong antihistamine and ibuprofen.  I have no desire to repeat this experience.  This year I am preparing for the heat as well as the bugs.  I have made myself a sleeping bag sewn from a queen size sheet.  I can sleep cooler and still protect as much of my exposed skin as possible. 


I chose an old queen size flat sheet to make it about the size of a sleeping bag.  I simply folded the sheet in half with the right sides together and sewed around the bottom and side edge.  Leave the top open so you can climb inside :)  If we happen to get cold enough for me to want to use my sleeping bag, I will simply put this inside so that I can have that nice feeling of sleeping with a sheet. 

UPDATE!!! – It totally worked!  No spider bites and only 2 mosquito bites from the whole week.  It was lovely to sleep in and gave me plenty of wiggle room.  I’ll never go camping without it again!

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