Monday, July 11, 2011

Tender Loving Care for your Antique Furniture

I’ve mentioned before how we like to use antiques in our home for decor as well as function.  On Saturday I stopped by a rummage sale down the street and found a Treasure!  These beauties were priced right and fit nicely into the look I am going for in our Master bedroom.  They are from the 1920’s.  Even the mirrors are in good shape.IMG_7883

This one is for me :)


This one is for my hubby :)

They are in really good shape, but they needed a boost.  In some areas, especially the tops, the wood looked a bit dried out.  I used my old standby to give them some conditioning and protection.  I found it at the grocery store by the furniture polish.

IMG_7881A little lemon oil goes a long way.  It helps hide minor scratches, conditions the wood and gives it a nice little shine.  I just pour some lemon oil onto a paper towel and wipe it over the wood.  I let it soak in and add another layer later if I feel it needs it.  This little bottle has done two coats to my Hoosier Cabinet and both of these dressers.  It still has enough in it to do at least one more project.  I plan to condition my furniture about once a year to keep them in good shape and looking nice.

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