Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrabble Family Frames


“Another scrabble project?????”  Why yes, you should know by now I am a little obsessed.  However, this time the letter tiles made it easy to make a fun personalized gift.  My friend and my sister have Birthdays just a few days apart.  After some trial and error I came up with these pictures.  I did have to pull my friend Janelle to help me think through the details.  As one of them was for her, I decided to forgo surprise and let her pick some of the elements.  We’ve had fun working on them.  What started out as two presents has blossomed into four.  One for Janelle’s sister and one for me.  Some of the supplies needed will depend on your personal style.

Supply List

An 8x10 frame of your choosing.  Take a tape measure with you to the store.  Frames openings vary slightly depending on the style.  You will need all the space you can get for a larger family or one with several long names.  Scrabble letters to spell out all the names you need to use.  I used colored tiles for the family name, but if you just have the basic tiles, they will work just fine.

Graph Paper

E600 glue


Scrapbook paper cut 8” x 10”

A lint free cloth for cleaning


1. Remove the sample picture from your frame and clean the glass on both sides, let dry completely.

IMG_86892. Cut graph paper to 8” x 10” and place inside the frame where a picture would normally go.  This will give you some lines to help line up the tiles.  The smaller the grid, the more lines you have to help you.

3. Figure out the placement of your letters so that all the names connect to each other.  This is actually the longest part of the process.  The more names you are working with, the longer it may take.  Keep rearranging them until you get them all to fit.  My nephew Sam helped by picking out all the letters I needed for me. 

My friend Sandy posted a comment that totally saved me. 

You can use this website to help you with the pattern. Go to
and select criss-cross and when you fill in the names repeat the names as the clue so you can see the answers

I decided to make one more and misspelled one name that messed everything up.  I had glued down 2/3 of the tiles before I realized it.  I ran to the computer, typed the names into the site she suggested, ran back to my work table, pulled a piece of glass from an old frame and quickly removed the glued tiles and placed them glue side up on the table, put the new glass into my frame, cleaned it, calculated the middle and started placing the tiles in the new formation.  Whew!!  Did you get all that?  It worked perfectly!  Thank you so much Sandy!!!!

4. Take a picture of your placement.  I did this with the camera on my phone.  It is just to use as a reference while you are gluing.  You don’t want to waste all that work you just did!


5. Prepare your glue.  E6000 glue is great, but it can be a bit messy to work with.  Squeeze some onto a disposable surface (I used the back of the picture that came in my frame), and let the glue continue to drip into the puddle you have made.

IMG_8695 6. Scoop up some glue with a toothpick and apply it to the middle of your letter tile.  You only want to put the glue in the center.  This way you will be able to make slight adjustments with your tile on the glass to get the right placement without making a glue mess. 

IMG_8696 7. You will need to shift your letters a bit to make room for you to work.  I started with the name at the top left and worked my way from there.  Take your time.  This is where the picture you took comes in.  Sometimes you have to shift some letters more than others and you will appreciate having a guide to get them back to the right spot.  The E6000 glue does not dry immediately, so you can shift the letters slightly to get the right alignment.  If you do get glue to the side of a tile, and it is in a place that will show, you can carefully scrape it off with a clean toothpick before it dries. 

8. Let you project sit and dry overnight or at least for several hours. 

9. Turn your frame over, remove the back and graph paper.  Use your lint free cloth to clean the back of the glass to remove any specks.  Place your chosen scrapbook paper into the frame and close it up.  Now you are finished :)  One of the beauties of this project is that you can change out the background paper to suit your mood, decor or even holidays.  I chose 5 different papers I liked and stored them in the frame behind the one showing. 


Tip…I find my most of my scrabble tiles at thrift stores.  I even stop at them when we are traveling.  I also have family and friends who keep an eye out for me.  Yard sales are another great source.  The names in your family will determine how many games you need.  There are is one J and one K in each game.  Some scrapbook stores have a stash of scrabble tiles too.  I recently found an old game called numble that was a scrabble game with numbers.  I used them for the date.  I have seen scrabble like tiles with numbers at the craft store too.

Happy Crafting

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  2. You can use this website to help you with the pattern. Go to

    and select criss-cross and when you fill in the names repeat the names as the clue so you can see the answers.

  3. Great idea Sandy!! I've used that before for school projects, but I didn't even think about it for this one.

  4. What a great idea, I love it! Now I am on the hunt for scrabble tiles!

  5. Sudoku has numbered wooden tiles also. I look on Etsey and Ebay for tiles.

  6. What a fun way to personalize your gift. Only you Tanya :) love it!

  7. Call on each team to share their word and let the team with the best word come to the computer and play it.

    online scrabble

  8. I know this was a while ago - but I just found it. I never thought about gluing the tiles to the glass. This is brilliant! I'm making four of these as Christmas presents this year.