Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Pictures Advent Calendar

I don’t have a tutorial for this advent calendar.  I made it quite a few years ago, but it remains one of my favorite projects. 



  To make this project, you will need:

11x16 frame with glass removed (you will need the cardboard back to the frame however)

Scrapbook paper and cardstock

Number stickers and letters

25 small brads

25 eyelets (I used stars)

25 pictures

Thick string




This project is created on the cardboard backing that comes with your frame.  Cover the backing with coordinating scrapbook papers.  I used scrapbooking adhesive tabs to do this.  Create the tree with graduating triangles.  I cut graduating stars and layered them for the top.  I also glued on a button.  I used two brown buttons for the bottom of the tree.  I know it’s hard to see, but the letters spell out ‘Tis the Season for Memories.


Cut rounded corner squares from cardstock.  The size of these will depend on the width of your tree.  Mine are 2 inches.  I added a little strip of green cardstock over the top of each one to reinforce where the eyelet goes.  Punch the eyelet through the top. 

Cut 25 white cardstock circles to fit on one side of the squares.  Use the number stickers to create the days 1-25. 

On the other side of the squares, attach a favorite photo.  I used past Christmas photos, baby pictures, winter photos, etc.  I used a baby photo of the person who’s birthday coordinated with that number and a picture of the kids acting out the nativity for number 25.  I even got a few old pictures of my husband and I when we were little. 

I scanned in old photos and just printed them all on photo paper.

This next step is a little time consuming.  If the instructions don’t make sense, leave me a comment and I’ll try to explain it better. Lay your finished squares on the tree to determine their placement. 

Punch a hole and place a brad for each square to hang on.  Run a piece of string through the eyelet and put the ends through the hole with your brad. (I did this before I put the brad in).  Tie your string to the appropriate length and tape the ends down on the back of the cardboard backing.  You want each square to be hanging the same length.  Open up the ends of the brads to keep them in place as you go. 

Now you are done!  I made one of these as a present for someone else too.  I made everything, but they had to add their own photos.  You can make this on a smaller scale, but the pictures will be quite small that way.

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