Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scrabble Advent Calendar

I know I am late getting these posted.  Maybe they will inspire you to make them early for next year :)  I have two words in my defense: Football and Wrestling.  You multiply that times 2 boys at 2 different schools and you get the idea.  Who knew sports could take over your schedule so completely.  So better late than never, I give you 3 posts of Christmas projects.

I made this advent calendar last year, so I do not have in-progress pictures.  Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.  This project can be made with letters from 1 scrabble game.  I had some tiles that were burgundy on one side.  I used those to give an antique feel.  You could create the same effect by painting the back of your tiles before beginning this project.  I would do one thing different if I were to do this project again.  I would place the “Merry” line over a space or forgo placing the tiles within the squares on the board completely.  I like things to be symmetrical, so this bothers me a bit.  It is still cute as is however, so I try to get over my OCD.

IMG_0561 IMG_0563

Drill a small hole (front to back) through each scrabble tile.  Come in far enough that they won’t split the tile, but don’t go over the letter. 

Print out the numbers on printable labels and then cut them into shape with a circle punch.  Stick them on the back of the tiles.  Make sure you have them in order!  I used a blank tile for the top and used a star sticker.  The bottom three tiles are just glued directly onto the board. 

Use a small bit to drill holes for the brads to go through.  For each tile: run a string through the hole of the tile and then put the ends through the hole in the board with a small brad.  Tie the strings to the same length and open the ends of the brads to keep them in place.  I added a piece of tape on the ends of the strings as an extra precaution. 

All done!  I seem to be making myself a new advent calendar each year, so maybe I’ll get next years posted sooner! 

Have a Merry Christmas!!

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