Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily List

I’ve become one of the many addicted to  The other day I saw a great way to organize your day.  The original idea can be found at lifes-a-journal .   I liked hers, but had a few changes I wanted to make to fit my lifestyle and needs.  I decided to make my own and see if I liked using it.  So far so good.

Daily List Master

After the kidney stone experience last year, I decided to keep the Hydrate section.  I just cross them off as I go.

I have had a challenge writing in my journal.  I’ve never been a regular at it, so I added a section for that.  My hope is that with a small area to write, I will not feel like I have to make up for all the days I haven’t written.  I just review that day and write a few things.  Sometimes it looks more like a list and other days it has my thoughts and feelings.  Either way is good. 

My daily list includes: Scripture Study, 10 minute pick-up in each room, Exercise and Tracking my food intake. 

My list of things to-do varies day by day, so it is blank and I fill it in.  I just check them off as they are completed.

Notes are for me to write things like appointments, kids day off of school, holidays or funny things the kids say. 

I don’t remember where the quote at the bottom originally came from.  I just like it and it helps me keep perspective on hard days.

I created my daily list in Excel and saved it as a PDF.  I uploaded it to Google docs, so you can print it off too :)  I decided to print off enough pages for a year and have them spiral bound at the copy store.  I think you could print on both sides if you used heavy enough paper.  I plan to bind mine along the top edge rather than the side.  I think it will be fun to look back on and see a glimpse of my days as time goes on.  Click HERE for the Google docs link.

UPDATE*** A friend requested a spot to list menu items.  So I’ve added a section to the master list.  It looks like this and you can print it HERE.  You can still choose the other format by clicking on the link above.

Daily List Master 2 picture

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  1. I love it when you do all the hard work for me!!!!! :)

  2. What a wonderful idea. My desk is full of yellow sticky notes:-( Staying hydrated is a always a good idea. My water follows me wherever I go:-)